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EMBC01-Eddystone Beacons - Programming and Configurations SDK's

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by JonP, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. JonP

    JonP New Member

    Two new SDK's have bee released to enable creating EMBC01 Eddystone beacons. These beacons are capable of transmitting Eddystone compliant URL, UID and TLM packets.

    When the Eddysone firmware is programmed in the EMBC01 the device is immediately ready to be deployed. The device will advertise default configured Eddystone packets. Using the standardized over-the-air BLE Eddystone Configuration Service the beacon can be provisioned with customized parameters.

    Two SDKS's have been released:
    1) EMBC01-Eddystone Programming SDK - for customers that want to buy EMBC01 devices and then configure them as Eddystone compliant beacons. The SDK contains the Eddystone hex file and scripts to program the beacons using the hardware RLINK programmer. It also contains the User guides to operate and provision the beacons. This SDK does not contain source code. Once programmed with the firmware, no further programming is required.

    2) EMBC01-Eddystone Beacon SDK - contains the source code and user guides to enable customization of the Eddystone firmware and services.
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